Miniature Bull Terrier character

The miniature Bull Terrier, like its big brother the Bull Terrier, to contend with prejudices out there about "fighting dogs". Who knows, however, the breed has a tremendous appreciation for the fine character. In the family they behave very social, quite obedient and quiet. They are not too good watchdogs, because they store but little. Generally they are very phlegmatic character. Visit is very welcome. Also dealing with other pets is usually not a problem. Of the owner is required some insight in the specific Bullen character.

Balanced and able to behave socially and disciplined. Though stubborn, particularly good at dealing with people. However, no dog that just suitable for everyone. Education through the dog to drill and to correct the character can completely mess it up. The Miniature Bull Terrier requires a consistent which in principle the use of voice. Physically Minis pretty hard, this in contrast to his oh so tender soul. Praise him at correct behavior, is a fine way to obey him. Patience and humor, plus a healthy dose of (mutually) respect, are the ingredients for a long life together with the finest comrade that you can imagine. A miniature Bull Terrier is a very affectionate dog. Keeping multiple dogs at the same time requires considerable sensitivity of the owner.