We do not breed to meet the high demand for puppies, we breed (on a small scale !!) out of love and passion for the breed ...

Perle de L'amitié Sibeau
Okeechobee's Lootah x Wildfire Warriors Papillon

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PLL : Carrier
LP : Clear
LAD : Clear
Hart doppler :
Patella :
Height :

Day of birth: 15-05-2019

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Perle de L'amitié Sanouq
Okeechobee's Lootah x Wildfire Warriors Papillon

Wildfire Warriors Papillon (Dizzy)
Mooncraft's Extremely Noble x WILDFIRE WARRIORS Nothing Rhyhed

PLL : Carrier
LP : Clear
LAD : Clear
PKD : Clear
UPC : 0,1
Hart doppler : OK
Patella : OK
Height : 35,5 cm

Born 16-10-2016
Became an angel at 13-06-2019

Miniature Bull Terrier | Kennel 


Breeding with a purpose!

The miniature Bull Terrier is a friend for life!

Our goal is the small-scale breeding of healthy, stable Miniature Bull Terriers, where the owner will experience a lot of fun. We do this exclusively with selective bloodlines. The first priority when creating a combination is to keep the health and the breed characteristics, in both appearance and character, so that the breed is preserved and improved where necessary.

We breed our Miniature Bull Terriers only according to the rules of the KMSH. Also, we are Member of the breeding club B.T.C.B.

Health is the first step. We have the following tests carried out with good result: PLL • UPC • PKD • LP • LAD • Doppler • Patella. Our dogs have a DNA profile. We also use only healthy males of approved breeders.

Show titles are great, but not decisive for us, we attach more value to health, character and fine in dealing.

When we have puppies they get socialized as good as possible. They grow up in a home environment where they meet all daily things where they also have to deal with in the future. When the puppies are six weeks old they get their first puppy grafting. We're going along at the vet for the insertion of the chip and the waning of dna for the dna profile.

Currently we have 2 Miniature Bull Terriers, a male Sibeau and a female Sanouq. We kept them from our first litter, their mother was Wildfire Warriors Papillon (Dizzy). With great sadness Dizzy became an angel on 13-06-2019 due to acute pneumonia. Our dogs are a part of our lives. And live with us in our home or having fun out in our spacious garden. We are located in Belgium (province of Limburg), nearby the border of the Netherlands.

If you have any questions about our dogs, or the miniature Bull Terrier, please send an email or call us.

Trick Dog Title

This title represents not only a training achievement, but a dedication to the enrichment of your dog, and a symbol of the bond you have built through this process.

Puppies | selection procedure

Our puppies come into the world with a lot of care and attention, so we say it immediately, not everyone is eligible for a Miniature Bull Terrier puppy.

We do not breed to meet the high demand for puppies, we breed on a small scale out of love and passion for the breed!

When a litter planning becomes specific, we always first meet the future owners, if it feels good we put you on the waiting list.

We allow visitors from 4 weeks after the puppies are born. Rest and security are essential in these weeks for the development of the puppies.

This visit is a pleasant gathering (with coffee & cake) with the opportunity to cuddle the puppies, no puppy can be selected yet. During this visit you are also requested for a deposit and you will receive the purchase contract, on which the deposit is confirmed. After the first visit, you can visit regularly with the opportunity to cuddle.

Around 6 to 7 weeks we will assign the puppies to the new owners. We do not take color preferences into account! Every puppy deserves the best chance of a happy life.

From 8 weeks the puppies can live with their new families in Belgium. For other countries this is from 15 weeks.


From photo to AquaDigiWork

• of your own photo(s)
• Various dimensions possible.

Send in your own photos, indicate the desired format and we will offer you a quote without obligation. info@mbt-breeding.com


Bull Terriër Logo

• Silvermetallic folie
• 13 x 13 cm
€ 5,- (incl. shipping BE-NL-LUX-DE)




Perle de L'amitié | MBT kennel

Healthy and stable Mini Bull Terriers breeding is our goal. We do this small-scale with selective bloodlines. We are located in Belgium (province of Limburg), just near the borders of the Netherlands.

+31 6 25530846

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